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Places to Stay

For our out of towners, we highly suggest coming to Colorado a few days early to get used to the rise in altitude. We'd love it if you stayed near Woodland Park so you can visit us before or after the wedding!

About Woodland Park

Woodland Park, CO is not a hotel town. It does however, have a plethora of Airbnbs for lodging. This small mountain town above the clouds is just 20 minutes away from our wedding venue!

The Country Lodge is one of our best (and only) hotels, just minutes from our house!

For all other Airbnb + hotel options, we suggest our neighboring town of Colorado Springs, or stay right in the heart of Manitou to be closest to the wedding venue!


Flying in?

Recommended Airport: Denver International

- 1.5 hrs from Woodland Park

You can take a connecting flight from Denver International to the Colorado Springs Airport, or try to fly in directly, but the prices are steep + availability is limited. 

**When renting a car, please select one with 4 Wheel or All Wheel Drive. This is necessary for driving through mountain terrain.

More on Colorado

  • 1 alcoholic drink in the ​mountains = 3 drinks in FL or elsewhere, pace yourself!

  • Chapstick + Lotion are your best friends here.

  • Oxygen masks are commonly sold at gas stations (or we can supply you with one) to help you handle the change in altitude.

  • Drink plenty of water && bring options for warm clothes. June in Woodland Park can still get quite chilly at night.


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